Image showing Nick and a cat (british shorthair) named Ayden bumping heads, an arrow labelled with 'not me' points to the cat.

Hi! I’m Nick

Software engineer in Rotterdam

From an early age I have had an interest in computers, I could spend hours with them. I started out building simple 'applications' with PowerPoint, hyperlinking slides and links together to open applications such as a browser or email to help my grandma navigate her computer. With a seemingly blank canvas to create almost anything on the screen I was in awe with the possibilities.

It was not much later that I discovered programming languages, I bought books on programming in Java, learned a minimum of PHP to build interactive websites and switched from Java to C# once I discovered the Unity3D game engine.

During high-school I worked in service at a local restaurant. The restaurant scheduled its employees on paper, including keeping track of free days, and the amount of hours that each employee worked. Not only did this result in the occasional mixup, but it also required a lot of time to manage. This was the perfect oppurtunity to test my newfound programming skills in a real-world situation, the start of my largest project to date, ShiftR. In about half a year I built an application to digitalize most of the administrative work related to managing and scheduling employees. The system is still in use today, and while it has seen improvements over the years I will soon be launching a new version.

From there on out it was clear that my path forward was to follow a studies in Computer Science. I graduated from my Masters degree at Delft University of Technology and am currently working at Nebulab.

Map of Europe with a blue dot located on top of the city Rotterdam, an arrow labelled with 'currently located in Rotterdam' points to the blue dot.

Project Experience

You can find my work experience on LinkedIn, on this portfolio I want to highlight the projects I have worked on, both for myself and for clients. Let me guide you through some of them.

A screenshot taken from the ShiftR web application, it displays a login modal where the user is asked for their email and password to log in. The modal also displays the logo of the restaurant and an option to switch between the service- and kitchen department within the restaurant. An arrow labelled with 'my most advanced project to date' points towards this figure.


There is a lot to tell you about this project, a complete solution to scheduling employees at restaurants. This is by far my largest project to date.

Check out the details


ShareDeck was created out of my frustration with finding the optimal game settings for playing games on the Steam Deck. Building ShareDeck allowed me to share the settings I found and preferred, and let anyone in the community do the same.

Check it out
A screenshot of the webshop built for Hair & More Salon. It shows a header saying 'Webshop' with a small description underneath it. The header is surrounded by several small images of products being sold that are scattered around. The bottom part of the screenshot shows four of the products being sold through the webpage organised in a grid.

Hair & More Salon

What started out as a website redesign became a much larger job, incorporating an existing CMS solution and building out a custom webshop backed by Stripe.

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A photo taken of an iPhone on a wooden table running the chess app Chesster.


One of my first fully completed products. I built this app together with a designer that I met online, 6 months after we met we launched the game on the App Store. The game supported local multiplayer and an AI to play against.


From these projects I extracted a list of skills and framework that I have experience with.

Ruby on Rails